284724_169596153113803_2510110_nMarrakech features traditional bellydance entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays, and can be booked Sun-Sat by request for parties of 10 or more.  Marrakech is home to Sacramento’s best bellydance artists.  Our award winning line up of bellydance artists combine grace, skill, and fun audience participation to create an experience you will never forget.


Many Middle Eastern Restaurants offer Bellydancing as entertainment. What can I expect to see at a restaurant show?

In a restaurant atmosphere, the Bellydancr is there to provide you with a true Middle Eastern experience. While you relax in Eastern ambiance and enjoy sumptuous flavors, the Bellydancer provides a truly memorable performance that represents Middle Eastern art and culture. The Bellydancer will typically perform a four-part show, including an entrance, veil or prop dance, dynamic drum solo, and exciting finale. She will then follow the showcase with a Tipping Pot segment and audience interaction. While you are not obligated to dance with the
Bellydancer, you are certainly encouraged to!

Are bellydance shows family-friendly?

Yes! Bellydance is great entertainment for the whole family. Kids and adults alike enjoy the fun and excitement of a bellydance show. Children especially love to get up and dance!


Is it appropriate to tip the Bellydancer?

While tipping is not required, it’s certainly a welcomed gesture! In fact, tipping a belly dancer is customary throughout the Middle East. Sacramento’s Professional Bellydancers prefer the traditional method of the customer putting a tip in the dancers Tipping Pot during the tipping portion of her show. Tipping can be a fun, interactive experience!


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